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  • Is it okay for parish announcements to interrupt Mass?

    • Sep 14, 2015

    Q. I am uncomfortable when Mass is interrupted by announcements relating to parish activities and events prior to the actual end of Mass. After holy Communion at our parish, when the vessels have been cleaned and the priest is seated behind the altar, general announcements are made. Then, after the

  • Am I wrong to disagree with the Vatican on the Middle East?

    • Aug 10, 2015

    Q. I am a faithfully practicing Catholic and read the Bible daily. As a supporter of Israel, I see their task in protecting the Holy Land as difficult but necessary. I find it hard to accept the Vatican’s proposal of a two-state agreement as a solution to the woes of

  • Do I have to contribute to a honeymoon fund for a wedding I’m not going to?

    • May 14, 2015

    A colleague just sent me a solicitation through GoFundMe or one of those sites: she and her fiancé are collecting cash to go on their honeymoon. I like this colleague a lot and we have fun at work together. But I’m a little confused about my obligations here. Do I

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