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  • When pope backs workers, Vatican laity wonder, ‘What about us?’

    With a flourish he inherited from Argentina’s legendarily populist political force, Peronism, Pope Francis from the beginning has been a vocal champion of labor and workers’ rights, backing measures such as equal pay for equal jobs between men and women, affordable housing and land, and living wages. However, some of the Vatican’s own lay employees would like to ask him, “What about us?”

  • Pope calls employers who exploit workers ‘bloodsuckers’

    Pope calls employers who exploit workers ‘bloodsuckers’

    ROME— Pope Francis on Thursday condemned employers who only offer temporary contracts or no health insurance to employees, calling them “bloodsuckers,” and saying they exploit those who desperately need a job by turning under-the-table payment into “civilized slavery.” “Those poor people become slaves. We think of the here and now,

  • Pope Francis pushes labor rights, human trafficking fight

    ROME — Pope Francis on Saturday burnished his credentials as a “labor pope,” calling for the protection of women in the work force, a stronger safety net for the unemployed, and time off from work as a right. “Attention to women’s work has to be a priority, has to be