MANILA, Philippines — Philippine bishops urged voters not to gamble with the country’s future by voting for corrupt and incompetent candidates in national elections May 9.

Manila Cardinal Jose Advincula and members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines concelebrated the “Solidarity Mass for Moral Choice” at the National Shrine of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Parañaque April 6, reported

The prelates said the aim of the Mass was to have one heart and mind on the Catholic Church’s role in politics.

“If faith cannot guide us in our role in politics, then perhaps we have not done enough in our duty. It is easier to just name a candidate to vote for rather than to teach our people how they should vote,” Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, president of the bishops’ conference, said in his homily.

He said there is no division between faith and politics, especially when political issues, such as truth and falsehood, are moral in nature.

“As moral and spiritual leaders, it is our duty to listen to God’s whisper as to how a disciple of Christ must vote. This role has become more important than ever, especially now that the issue in politics is the truth,” David added. said the bishop asked Catholics to shun lies and Satan — the prince of lies — whom every Catholic is asked to renounce at baptism.

The prelate also reminded Catholics of a pastoral letter released by the bishops’ conference Feb. 25, urging them to fight disinformation and fake news. He said neutrality could lead to inaction that was detrimental in the growth of the nation.

“Our low regard and inaction in politics will not bring development. Let us not gamble with the future of our country. Let us fight indifference. Let us be concerned for the welfare of others. We are all interconnected. What’s bad for them is bad for us,” he said.