WARSAW, Poland — Bishop Edward Janiak, a retired Roman Catholic bishop from Poland punished this year by the Vatican for the alleged cover-up of sex abuse of minors by other priests, has died. He was 69.

The Kalisz diocese where Janiak had served as bishop said he died Thursday. No cause or place of death was given in the statement that was posted on Poland’s Episcopate’s website.

The Vatican said in March it was punishing Janiak for the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse of minors by priests who were under his authority.

He was ordered to move out of the diocese and banned from any public celebrations. He was also ordered to make a contribution to a fund helping victims of clerical abuse.

Janiak retired last year as his case was being investigated.

A documentary released in 2020, “Playing Hide and Seek,” exposed two cases of alleged pedophile priests that Janiak handled, first as auxiliary bishop of Wroclaw and then as bishop of Kalisz.

The Holy See has punished around 10 Polish bishops and archbishops over reported cover-ups of sexual abuse of minors by priests under their authority.

A report by people who say they have suffered abuse by priests accuses two dozen serving and retired Polish bishops and archbishops of protecting predator priests. It was delivered to Pope Francis on the eve of his 2019 global abuse prevention summit at the Vatican.