So, you’ve felt the tug — God pulling at your heart to draw closer and give your life over to His Will. You’ve started reading everything you can get your hands on to help you learn your faith. But you’ve gone as far as you can go on your own.

It’s time to discover Saint Joseph’s College online theology programs.

Are you looking for a theology program that will teach the Catholic faith for what it is, without any liberal or conservative agenda?

“I have been very fortunate to attend Saint Joseph’s,” says Peter Odenbach, a religion teacher in Orlando, FL. “All of my coursework has been based on truth and reason. All of my classes have been based on sound theology and not some individual’s personal agenda. Receiving an education based on truth will allow me to pass on to young minds a solid foundation for them to live a good Christian life.”

Saint Joseph’s College online theology programs aim to present the Catholic faith as it has been handed down for centuries. All faculty have received the mandatum to teach the faith from the local bishop of the Diocese of Portland. We hold that effective ministry requires a strong theological foundation, grounded in solid Catholic doctrine, with a deep spiritual and pastoral orientation. 

Are you not sure if you can commit to a whole degree? Saint Joseph’s College online theology programs offer a plethora of options, from continuing education and certificates to degrees and post-graduate programs. All credits earned can be applied toward a degree. You can start with one course, then take another, then another.

Before you know it, you’ve earned a certificate, which can apply to a degree, which can continue into post-graduate work. You can take one step at a time and decide along the way.

“The decision to enroll at Saint Joseph’s College to study Catholic theology has been a deeply rewarding experience, both spiritually and professionally,” says Paul Bates, police officer-turned-youth minister in South Carolina.

More and more parishes and dioceses nationwide are pushing for their lay ministers to have a master’s degree, and I believe that Saint Joseph’s College is the best place to go to get a high-quality education that is still affordable. The professors are always reachable, and the content of the courses has proven incredibly relevant.”

Do you want to pursue a master’s degree in theology, but have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline? Admission to the graduate program requires only a bachelor’s degree in any field of study with a minimum earned grade point average of 2.5 (on a scale of 4.0). You do not need a bachelor’s degree in theology to start the master’s program. 

Do traditional fall and spring semesters not work for you? Saint Joseph’s College online theology courses are always ready for enrollment. Flexible terms enable students to design their own academic year. There is no waiting for a course to be offered only for it to be cancelled due to low enrollment. In our programs, courses are always available.

Do you need an affordable program? Tuition for Saint Joseph’s College online theology programs is among the lowest of online Catholic theology programs — plus, we form educational partnerships with dioceses and parishes to offer a 10% discount and waiver of application fees.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies enables students to acquire knowledge in theological studies, deepen and strengthen their personal faith, learn skills applicable to Church ministry and service, develop skills for independent inquiry and lifelong learning, and prepare a foundation for entry into a graduate program.

The Fast Track to Master’s in Theology allows undergraduate students majoring in theological studies to substitute up to four designated graduate courses from the Master of Arts in Theology program in lieu of four comparable undergraduate courses in theological studies. The credit and curriculum requirements in the Master of Arts in Theology program for these four graduate courses are then waived when the student enters the graduate program.

Graduate students have options that cater to their particular vocation in the Church. The Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology offers advanced instruction for those engaged in any kind of pastoral ministry, including chaplaincy, adult formation, social ministry, youth and family ministry, or religious education.

The Sacred Theology specialization is ideal for those who teach the faith, especially at the high school or undergraduate level, and those who plan to pursue doctoral studies in theology. The Master of Arts in Advanced Diaconal Studies is a special, 30-credit degree program providing continuing theological and pastoral education for ordained deacons.

“Like others, I am sure, I had my doubts initially about a mostly online degree. My experience, though, has been that this MA in Theology is delivered through thoroughly academically and professionally qualified professors. The rigor of research is what one should expect for graduate education, yet care has been taken to provide students with very practical tools of pastoral application,” attests Deacon Dan Pyles, Advanced Diaconal Studies student from the Diocese of Nashville, TN.

The Saint Joseph’s College online theology programs also offer the only completely online Catholic Master of Divinity program, which prepares students for ministerial work in the Church. It provides an advanced-level graduate degree beyond the Master of Arts in Theology as well as prerequisite programming for students planning to pursue the Doctor of Ministry degree. An accelerated track is available to any student who possesses a master’s degree in theology or ministry from any accredited institution.

Attentive to the pastoral and ecumenical needs of the Church today, Saint Joseph’s College online theology programs include specialized certificates in Ministry to Black Catholics, Ministry to Latino Catholics, and Jewish-Christian Studies, which is offered jointly with Gratz College. There are also optional on-campus and study-away opportunities offered each summer for a more robust, well-rounded educational experience.

Cathy Mackey from Syracuse says she could not be more happy with her Saint Joseph’s College experience. “Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about the theology program at Saint Joseph’s College. Since starting my graduate coursework there, my knowledge and passion have exploded! The professors are second to none; they are intelligent and challenging, yet encouraging and incredibly caring. Through online discussion boards, the optional one-week summer in-residency courses, and the optional one-week course in Rome, Italy, I have experienced indescribable growth both spiritually and intellectually.

“Further, I have met fellow classmates that have now become dear friends; friendships that are invaluable as we face the joys and challenges of our ministries. I am so blessed to have found Saint Joseph’s College, and I thank God every day for what I have gained because of this program.”