Sister Act: Appeal rejected in defamation case against nun

Sister Act: Appeal rejected in defamation case against nun

A nun reads through some papers as she waits for Pope Francis to celebrate a Mass in Monza, (Credit: AP Photo/Giuseppe Aresu.)

In a rather surprising story out of Michigan, a parishioner St. Hugo of the Hills pursued a defamation case against a nun whom he claims defamed him by accusing him of poking her in the chest with his finger. The courts said they didn't think she meant a literal poke in the chest and denied his claim.

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI — The Michigan Supreme Court won’t intervene in a dispute between a Roman Catholic nun and a member of a Detroit-area church, perhaps leaving it to a higher authority.

A member of St. Hugo of the Hills Church in Bloomfield Hills sued a nun in 2014. He said she had defamed him by telling a priest that he had jabbed a finger in her chest. There was a confrontation when the man learned he wouldn’t be a lector at Mass.

In December, the Michigan appeals court said that the nun suggested the man had committed a misdemeanor. But the court said it didn’t rise to defamation.

The Supreme Court rejected the man’s appeal Friday. Chief Justice Stephen Markman believes the nun probably wasn’t speaking literally about a poke in the chest.

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