RICHMOND, Virginia — The Catholic Diocese of Richmond announced it has began reviewing child sexual abuse allegations made against four former priests in Virginia.

“While the alleged incidents are from the past, we recognize the pain is still a deep and present reality for victim survivors of abuse and for their loved ones,” Bishop Barry C. Knestout said in the statement released Monday.

An allegation has been made against Father William Dinga while he served at Norfolk’s Christ the King Catholic Church in 1986, the statement said. Dinga, who was ordained as a priest at the Richmond Diocese in 1975, denies the accusations.

Father Joseph Slowik has also been accused of child sexual abuse while he served as a pastor in Portsmouth’s St. Paul in the early 1990s. An allegation was also made against Father Thomas L. Long, Jr. while he worked in the same church as Dinga in 1986. Father Eugene Daigle has also been accused of abuse while serving at a church in Fort Monroe in the late 1970’s.

The diocese was unable to know the three men’s response to the child sexual abuse allegations, the diocese said. The former priests have been prohibited from public ministry while the accusations are being investigated, according to the statement.