An organization called Faithful America is circulating an electronic petition asking Catholics and other Christians to “stand with Pope Francis” against those who would water down language in a Synod of Bishops report that was welcoming to gays, lesbians, and those living together outside of marriage.

“Instead of repeating hurtful language describing LGBT people as ‘intrinsically disordered,’ the organization wrote on its website, “the bishops are considering recognizing the spiritual gifts and sacrificial love of same-sex couples, and calling for them to be more fully welcomed into the church.

“But already, right-wing American activists are trying to force the bishops to backtrack.

“With just days left before the bishops conclude their meeting and finalize the document, there are worrying media reports that conservatives could succeed in watering it down,” the organization write on the petition website. “So American Christians of all stripes who stand with Pope Francis need to speak out in support.”

Faithful America describes itself as “the largest and fastest growing online community of Christians putting faith into action for social justice.”