More than anything else, our independence makes Crux what it is. It’s not just about who Crux belongs to – we’re self-owned, nobody else has a stake – but also editorial vision. We’re not identified with any party, faction or alignment, and when we cover the news, we try to do it as much as possible without spin or serving anybody’s interests.

My happiest moments as editor come when I ask someone what ideological cubbyhole she or he thinks Crux occupies and the answer is, “I honestly can’t tell.”

That sort of independence is a rare commodity these days, and it doesn’t come cheap. That’s why I’m asking you to consider helping us keep producing the smart, wired and independent Catholic journalism you count on Crux to deliver.

A little goes a long way

I know everybody hates online fundraising appeals – the annoying pop-up boxes with video blather, the constant reminders on every page, and the vaguely accusing tone about how you really shouldn’t expect something for nothing. I don’t like them much either, especially on our site, but it’s a small price to pay to make sure Crux-brand journalism not only survives but thrives.

So, here’s the ask: Please consider becoming a monthly contributor to Crux. Regular monthly income is critical to our long-term stability. When we do our annual budget, knowing we’re getting that $5 per month helps us make decisions better than hoping we get a one-time contribution, however sizeable it may be.

I’m not asking for much, maybe just the $5 or $10 you’d spend in a typical month on cups of coffee and scones from Starbucks – and, let’s face it, if you hit up Starbucks more than once a month, you’re probably looking at more than $10 anyway.

If you just can’t swing a monthly commitment right now – and especially given the economic hit of the coronavirus, I know not everyone can – then a one-time contribution also would help enormously.

“Last Week in the Church”

Speaking of Crux thriving, I’m excited to say the first thing we’re planning to do with the money we raise is to enhance our video offerings, realizing that in this day and age that’s how a growing share of people obtain and process their news.

Once we’ve hit our target, I’m planning on launching “Last Week in the Church,” a weekly round-up of the main news in the Vatican and the global church. I’ll present the headlines and then try to take them apart and put them back together, offering some context for thinking about what it all means.

Think of it as a Catholic version of “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver, only without the British accent and world-class sense of humor. I can’t promise the same number of punchlines, but I can offer a guarantee that you’ll come way knowing more about what’s going on, and without feeling like I’m trying to tell you what to think about it.

Beyond the show, we have aspirations of growth on other fronts – more reporters, expanded coverage, and the ability to put boots on the ground wherever news breaks despite the greater costs and headaches of travel in a time of pandemic. Soon, we’ll also be announcing the hiring of a new U.S. correspondent, a position that’s always mission-critical but never more so than in election season.

All of that will make Crux bigger and better, but it depends on you. So, if you like what you find at Crux, please consider helping us out. In the meantime, we’ll keeping reporting and analyzing the news 24/7, striving every day to deserve your support.

You can support us via our Support Us page.