As Crux readers know, we’ve been running a GoFundMe campaign to support our Managing Editor, Charles Collins, who was struck with a devastating illness in early May, and his wife Claire and their two boys.

Today, as it happens, is Charley’s 51st birthday. Because we know that people all over the world are praying for him and wanting to know how he’s doing, we’ve once again asked Claire to provide us with the latest.

Charley has progressed really well over the past 3 weeks, since I last wrote an update, and has been transferred from intensive care through critical care and two cardiac units.

Today, we got the wonderful news that he was being transferred to a stroke ward in our city. It’s his birthday, and honestly it is such a wonderful gift to have him that much closer to home.

He still has a lot of rehab to get through to regain strength both physically and mentally. We are immensely grateful for the support and encouragement we have had from friends, family and the readers of Crux through this challenging time.

Despite the tremendous progress Charley is making, he’s got a long road ahead and still needs our help. To anyone who can contribute, we will be, as ever, eternally grateful.