– Praising his “resolute defense of persecuted Christians,” an institute at Belmont Abbey College has awarded its Benedict Leadership Award to Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus.

“This is an area of great concern to the Board, and it is our hope that your award will bring attention and relief to persecuted Christians and move the public to act more decisively in their behalf,” Conor Gallagher, executive director of the institute, told Anderson in a statement.

The award aims to recognize men and women whose achievement reflects the heroism and leadership of St. Benedict. Recipients will deliver a public address and will receive a $10,000 cash award.

Anderson’s award will be presented in a public ceremony at Belmont Abbey College March 24. Belmont Abbey College is a Catholic college founded in 1876 by Benedictine monks. It is recognized by the Cardinal Newman Society as one of America’s top Catholic colleges.

The Benedict Leadership Institute was founded in 2016 with the goals of developing Catholic leaders who can transform society in light of their faith.

Its website is http://benedictleadershipinstitute.org.

Among many other Catholic organizations the Knights of Columbus support, they are also the principal partner of Crux.