ROME — Pope Francis made another appeal for the plight of migrants in a letter to an Italian news agency and expressed his closeness and affection toward organizations that are active in helping and supporting the thousands of people who every day cross the border and leave their home behind.

“I am close in affection and encouragement to all those, institutions, associations and private individuals, who open themselves up wisely to the complex phenomenon of migration by offering the appropriate support, bearing witness to those human and Christian values that are at the basis of the European civilization,” he wrote.

The pope praised an initiative by Italian news agency ANSA, in partnership with other European media outlets France Media Monde and Deutsche Welle, aimed at providing news for migrants on the web portal

Francis’s letter was sent to Luigi Contu, ANSA‘s Editor-in-Chief, and he expressed hope that this “important initiative” encourage the society as a whole to welcome refugees and migrants while promoting their integration.

“On one hand, I hope that it will improve the integration of these people with the necessary respect for the laws of the welcoming countries, on the other, that it wake within society a renewed effort for an authentic culture of welcoming and solidarity,” he wrote.

The web portal was launched in March and its goal is to offer news and useful information for the growing number of migrants coming to Europe. The site is available in English, French, and Arabic and it also offers stories and articles told from the perspective of migrants.

In its introduction the site also offers to combat misinformation and states that the majority of migrants lack reliable news sources and must rely on the misguided information given to them by traffickers and smugglers.

“The presence of so many brothers and sisters who experience the tragedy of immigration is an opportunity for human growth, encounter and dialogue between cultures in view of the promotion of peace and fraternity among peoples,” the pope wrote.

“May these migrants meet brothers and sisters under every sky, may they share with them the bread and hope of our common journey.”