My husband and I have been separated for years and are close to finalizing our divorce. He recently fell upon a financial hardship resulting in him losing his apartment. Rather than help him pay for his rent and cause a financial hardship upon myself, I offered my couch and living room space for him to stay as long as he needed until he can find a job that would compensate for the income he lost in his present position. Both of his parents passed away years ago, and he is not close with his only sibling. We share custody of our teenaged son. My son and I are basically the only family he has.

If my son and I don’t mind this temporary living arrangement — seeing that he needs our living room space more than we do — then why should our friends have such strong opposing views, especially those who may have an interest that may be more than friendship? My personal perspective is, regardless of the breakdown in our relationship, he is the father of my child and I should help where I can. The only concern I have is the duration of this temporary arrangement.

Big Hearted