This Thanksgiving serves as a reminder of our responsibility to care for others as we do for ourselves…especially those who do not have enough food to eat or clean water to drink.

That’s why the Maryknoll Sisters would like to tell you about the children of Lemoa, a village in Guatemala.

In that impoverished part of Central America, 80 percent of the people are malnourished. That number is even higher among children. Maryknoll Sister, Sr. Connie Pospisil, M.M., heads the Integral Nutrition Project in Lemoa to help feed malnourished children and return them to good health; to educate their parents on proper nutrition; and to secure sources of clean drinking water.

For only $15.00, you can feed a hungry child in Guatemala for one month. That’s less than $200 for an entire year. In many cases, that gift will be a life-saver.

Any gift you can make will help bring this life-saving help to more children…it’s a wonderful opportunity for each one of us to make such a big difference!

We ask you to celebrate this Thanksgiving with a gift to the hungry here and around the world. We cannot continue our work without your help, to donate click here: