• Loyal to the faith, unhappy with the Mass

    • Oct 7, 2015

    Lauren DiLeo Smith is a 32-year-old New Orleans lawyer, realtor, wife, mother of a 7-month-old, and a Catholic-educated cradle Catholic who’s kept her faith, but struggles to stay in the pews. “I definitely have some issues with a lot of the doctrines and politics of the Church,” she says —

  • Where have all the Christians gone?

    • Jul 29, 2015

    Your notion of whether or not the United States is a “Christian nation” could be colored by where you live. In Dallas, for example, nearly 8 in 10 residents are Christian, but in San Francisco, fewer than half identify as Christian – and the number of those claiming no religious

  • Two years in, survey shows Pope Francis’ popularity is high in the United States

    • Mar 5, 2015

    Just six months until “wheels down” in the United States, Pope Francis is more popular than ever here, with favorability numbers eclipsing his predecessor, and nearly matching even the wildly beloved Pope John Paul II during the height of his popularity. Nine in 10 US Catholics now say they have

  • Verdict is in: Pope Francis is a global rockstar

    • Dec 11, 2014

    Both Catholics and non-Catholics in Europe, the United States, and in his home turf – Latin America – love Pope Francis, though he’s not well known in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. According to Pew Research’s Global Attitudes Project, “A median of 60 percent across 43 nations have a

  • Pope's popularity can't stop the decline of Catholicism in Latin America

    • Nov 13, 2014

    Latin Americans born into Roman Catholic families have increasingly left the faith for Protestant churches, while many others have dropped organized religion altogether in a major shift in the region’s religious identity, according to a survey released Thursday. The study also showed that Pope Francis is highly popular in Latin

  • Two percent of English ministers say humans invented God

    • Oct 28, 2014

    CANTERBURY, England – A new survey finds 16 percent of the Church of England’s licensed ministers are unclear about God, and 2 percent think God is a human construct. The survey of 1,500 Anglican clergy in England, Scotland and Wales conducted by the international market research agency YouGov, suggests the