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  • More young women than you think consider becoming nuns

    More young women than you think consider becoming nuns

    An estimated 250,000 young women in the United States have given serious thought to joining religious communities, but if sisters and nuns hope to attract new members, they’ve got to do a better job explaining the benefits of such a counter-cultural lifestyle — and get Catholic parents, laypeople, and benefactors

  • QUIZ: Which TV or movie nun are you?

    We’ll tell you which fictional nun matches your real-life personality. Warning: “Nun of the Above” is not an option. Want more fun? Try some more Crux quizzes.

  • American nun: We feel vindicated at end of Vatican investigation

    One of the women at the heart of the Vatican investigation into the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the umbrella group for 80 percent of US nuns, says she and her sisters feel vindicated now that the investigation has ended. “The fact that the Vatican ended up affirming the work

  • The nuns spoke out, but the archbishop listened

    When 25 leaders of the largest organization of US nuns met for the first time with Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Seattle in 2012, after the Vatican appointed him to lead an overhaul of their group, they expected conflict. The nuns were hurt and confused when the Vatican accused them

  • Why the Vatican’s crackdown on nuns ended happily

    Sometimes in the news business, stories run their course without the explosive ending their dramatic arc would seem to merit. Think a nasty lawsuit, for instance, which ends with an amicable settlement, or the early years of the Super Bowl when a matchup that looked like a heavyweight collision on

  • Vatican crackdown on American nuns ends with a soft landing

    ROME — In an amicable end to what had been a deeply contentious process, the Vatican on Thursday announced the end of an investigation of America’s primary umbrella group for the leaders of women’s religious orders, paying tribute to the “crucial role” played by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious


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