• By boycotting the pope, US Rep. embarrasses his Church and his country

    • Sep 21, 2015

    It’s no secret that John Boehner and Pope Francis don’t agree on all the issues. The Catholic Speaker of the House has made that clear. But he’s still excited to hear the pope address Congress next Thursday, because, as he puts it simply: “it’s the pope.” Fellow Republican US Rep.

  • Why Christianity needs its own Yad Vashem

    • Sep 5, 2015

    Some years ago, I found myself sitting with New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan in his residence at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, talking about a growing interest we shared in reports of anti-Christian persecution around the world. At one stage, Dolan — who has a PhD in Church history and is conscious

  • Will Nigeria’s Muslims and Christians let Boko Haram set the agenda?

    • Aug 29, 2015

    ABUJA/JOS, Nigeria — It would certainly be understandable if the almost 1,000 Nigerian Christians today living in a crude camp for internally displaced people called New Kuchingoro, located outside the capital city of Abuja, weren’t feeling very charitable right now toward Muslims. These are Christians, after all, who’ve been driven