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  • Syrian nun honored by U.S. says Assad is ‘not a dictator’

    Syrian nun honored by U.S. says Assad is ‘not a dictator’

    Salesian Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh, from Syria, told reporters she doubts Syrian president ordered a chemical attack against civilians, and called the decision from the Trump administration to bomb an air base a “step back from peace.” On March 29 she received the International Woman of Courage Award from first lady Melania Trump.

  • Syrian bishops, other Catholic leaders protest U.S. missile strike

    Hours after the United States launched 59 missiles do destroy a military base of the Syrian government, many Catholic leaders, including the bishop of Aleppo, raised their voices in condemnation. Among other things, Catholic leaders in Syria complained that the strike was conducted before an investigation of an alleged chemical attack was completed.

  • Are Francis and Trump now at odds over Syria too?

    Until this week, it had been assumed that despite obvious differences over issues such as immigration and climate change, the Vatican under Francis and the White House under Trump at least agreed that now is not the time for an overt push for regime change in Syria. In the wake of reports that President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons, that no longer seems the case.