• It’s time to break up with the culture wars

    It’s time to break up with the culture wars

    • May 11, 2016

    If you read Nickolas Kristof’s opinion pieces in the New York Times, you know he’s a strong progressive. But this past weekend he warned that “those who often like my columns” might not like his most recent piece: “A Confession of Liberal Intolerance.” Kristof’s argument, which is well worth reading in

  • The Church isn't obsessed with sex, but it is with humanity

    • Jan 29, 2016

    Like most reporters, I keep a rolling list of story ideas that have floated across my radar screen and that I might pursue if time and energy allow. Normally I hold onto a set of three or four such ideas for a few days, then file them away and start

  • Francis has set a clear direction that US bishops should follow

    • Nov 16, 2015

    Whether a pope who has recast the global image of the Catholic Church can also recalibrate the priorities of US Catholic leaders will become clearer this week as more than 300 bishops gather for a key national meeting. The urgent challenges of economic exclusion, racial disparities, and climate change demand

  • US bishops can change the conversation

    • Jun 5, 2015

    Hundreds of Catholic bishops will gather in St. Louis this week for a national meeting to set priorities at a time when Pope Francis is shaking up the Church and sparking hope for a better values debate in American politics. A pope who puts poverty, economic inequality, and care for the

  • In California, two bishops strike different chords

    • Apr 16, 2015

    A study in contrasts is playing out in California, where the newly installed bishop of San Diego, Robert McElroy, issued a call to resist the culture wars yesterday at the same time that prominent Catholics in San Francisco, just 500 miles up the coast, were calling for the firing of

  • Africans are no longer junior partners in Catholicism Inc.

    • Oct 17, 2014

    One of the most perceptive books ever written about the Second Vatican Council was Ralph Wiltgen’s 1967 “The Rhine Flows into the Tiber,” about how many of the reform energies at the council first took shape in German-speaking Catholicism. If someone were to write a book about the 2014 Synod