• Baby steals the show at the Synod of Bishops

    Baby steals the show at the Synod of Bishops

    • Oct 10, 2015

    ROME — In a room full of people with an average age well north of 60, it’s been no surprise that Davide Paloni, a four-month-old baby brought into the hall each day by his parents, has become a star at the 2015 Synod of Bishops on the family, winning hearts

  • Francis gives folksy riff on families

    • Sep 27, 2015

    PHILADELPHIA — It was a moment veteran pope-watchers had been anticipating since Francis arrived in the United States Tuesday: When was he going to toss aside his prepared remarks and speak from the heart? That moment came Saturday night, when the “Pope of the People” looked out over the tens

  • Crux, Georgetown to host an economic forum on the family

    • Sep 2, 2015

    The Synod on the Family has plenty of controversial topics to consider — divorce and remarriage, contraception, sexuality — but there’s another issue affecting millions of families in nearly every nation on earth: How to get by with less in times of economic uncertainty. Crux and the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought

  • Disney’s new ‘Cinderella’ and the problem of parents in Hollywood fairy tales and family films

    • Mar 13, 2015

    Disney’s new live-action “Cinderella,” debuting in theaters this weekend, opens with a scenario that has become vanishingly rare in Hollywood fairy tales and other family entertainment these days: a happy, intact family. It doesn’t last, of course. Poor Cinderella is bereaved of her mother while still a child, and of

  • Pope Francis: Families rock

    • Jan 23, 2015

    ROME — Pope Francis took a swipe Friday at the way the media covers family life, saying it shouldn’t be treated as the terrain for ideological battles, nor should it be presented as an “institution in crisis.” “The family,” Francis said, “is a community which provides help, which celebrates life