• The Rev. Walter Ciszek: Surrendering to God

    • Dec 30, 2015

    Some great spiritual writers have produced their best writing in jail, or right after release from jail. One of them, though not particularly well known, is Walter Ciszek, a Jesuit priest from Pennsylvania who conducted secret missionary work in the Soviet Union between 1939 and 1963. For nearly 20 years,

  • For Pope Francis, people are more important than ideas

    For Pope Francis, people are more important than ideas

    • Sep 18, 2015

    As Pope Francis prepares to visit the United States, it’s telling that many Americans are still trying to get a political read on him. Some are convinced he’s a leftist reformer, some see him as a conservative in sheep’s clothing, and many are just a little bit confused.

  • Another way to pray

    • Aug 11, 2015

    Here’s yet another option for those needing answers to the perpetual question, “How do I pray?” Sacred Space is a website offering an organized daily prayer method you can do at your computer or on your smartphone, discreetly, without anyone necessarily knowing. You can even do the prayer on the

  • On Hiroshima anniversary, the pope called for a total ban on nuclear arms

    • Aug 10, 2015

    ROME — Marking the 70th anniversary of the use of nuclear bombs by the United States in Japan at the close of World War II, Pope Francis reiterated the Vatican’s long-standing call for a total ban on nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction. The pontiff called nuclear weapons

  • Archbishop Oscar Romero to be beatified May 23

    • Mar 11, 2015

    ROME — Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, a hero to the progressive liberation theology movement in Catholicism who was assassinated in 1980 while saying Mass, will be beatified on May 23. The act brings Romero to the final step before sainthood, and comes after a decades-long debate in the

  • Mergers continue for Jesuit provinces in the US

    • Dec 3, 2014

    Jesuits in North America just got a bit more cozy. The Jesuits announced major changes today in how they organize themselves, with the New England and New York provinces merged into the USA Northeast Province, and Jesuits in the United States and Canada now housed under one umbrella, the Jesuit