• In Mexico, Pope Francis to deliver ‘greatest hits’ of social teaching

    In Mexico, Pope Francis to deliver ‘greatest hits’ of social teaching

    • Feb 12, 2016

    The six-day visit will see the pope coming and going from Mexico’s vast capital city to meet impoverished indigenous populations in Chiapas, victims of drug cartels in Morelia, and immigrants and refugees near the US border in Ciudad Juárez. In many ways, the pontiff’s Mexico trip shapes up as a “greatest hits” collection of his social teaching, to be delivered in the flesh and in his native tongue.

  • How Pope Francis shakes up what it means to be 'pro-life'

    • Feb 8, 2016

    The electoral narrative surrounding abortion is often as fierce as it is predictable. Arguments for a woman’s “right to choose” clash with counter claims of a fetus’ “right to life.” Moral complexity and nuance often fizzle amid a flurry of campaign slogans and fundraising appeals targeted to a base of energized voters.

  • The US Church releases first video on Catholic social teaching

    • Aug 31, 2015

    Catholic Relief Services and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have released “Care for God’s Creation,” the first of a seven-part video series on Catholic social teaching, the body of moral and social thought central to the Catholic faith. The release comes in conjunction with Pope Francis’ declaration of