KANSAS CITY, Missouri — A former teacher at a Catholic school in Kansas City, Missouri, alleges in a lawsuit that she was fired because she was pregnant and unmarried.

The Kansas City Star reports that a jury trial is scheduled to begin Monday in Michelle Bolen’s lawsuit against the principal of St. Therese Catholic elementary school and the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

Bolen had worked for the school for nearly 15 years when she lost her job in July 2015.

“The factual claims of the case are completely spurious,” Jack Smith, a spokesman for the diocese, told The Star on Monday. “She was not fired. She worked until the end of her contract. Her contract was not renewed by the school for reasons that have nothing to do with her pregnancy.”

The suit says Bolen was harassed and that a letter sent to staff announcing that she was expecting described her pregnancy as “less than ideal.”

“It is not the policy nor the practice of St. Therese Parish or School to discriminate on the basis of pregnancy. Personnel matters are held as confidential,” said Father Joe Cisetti.

I trust that those who know me also know of my commitment to the dignity of human life, born and unborn,” he continued.

“Wisdom, charity and prudence require both sides of a story being heard before a decision is made.”

Bolen now works at another school.

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