BARNSTABLE, Massachusetts — A Catholic high school in Massachusetts has suspended football activities pending an investigation into reports that at least one of its players directed racial slurs at opposing players during a game last weekend.

Players for Boston-based Cathedral High School told their coaches that one or more players for St. John Paul II School were using the epithets during Saturday’s game, according to a statement on St. John Paul II’s website.

Cathedral coaches reported the allegations to administrators at St. John Paul II, which is in Barnstable.

The school and the Diocese of Fall River have opened an investigation, and “appropriate steps, including any disciplinary actions, will be taken based upon the findings.”

“These allegations leave us dismayed,” St. John Paul II President Christopher Keavy said in a letter to the school community. “Guests should know that St. John Paul II School values them and their essential human dignity.”

Dan Carmody, president of Cathedral High, said the school is cooperating with St. John Paul II officials.

“We will continue to work together with the Saint John Paul II leadership team and trust there will be accountability and an opportunity for restoration and growth,” he said in a statement.