The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro escaped injury during a robbery by three gunmen, the city’s archdiocese said Tuesday.

Rio archdiocese spokesman Adionel Carlos da Cunha said the robbery occurred Monday night when Cardinal Orani Joao Tempesta was being driven to a local radio station to participate in a debate.

The archdiocese’s photographer, a seminarian and the cardinal’s driver were also held up. None was hurt.

Cunha said the assailants blocked the cardinal’s car less than one mile from his residence in the neighborhood of Sumare.

“They recognized the cardinal, apologized, but went ahead with the robbery anyway,” Cunha said.

He said they took the cardinal’s cellphone, ring, crucifix, and pen, as well as the seminarians’ cassock and the photographer’s cameras.

Police later recovered the stolen goods except for the cameras.

After the assault, Tempesta proceeded to the radio station and took part in the debate, while the three other victims went to the police station to report the incident.