Detroit’s historic St. Josaphat Roman Catholic Church has reopening 10 months after a storm damaged its 200-foot-tall steeple.

Parishioners returned to the church for Sunday Mass following repairs to the steeple and roof, which was partially torn off by 60-70 mph winds during the November storm.

The winds knocked off slate shingles, shifted the bricks and left the 113-year-old steeple lopsided. The church joined the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

The Detroit News says about 200 worshippers attended Sunday Mass, among them 84-year-old Christine Avila.

She says her parents married at the church, and she had her baptism there. Avila says she didn’t remember how beautiful it was.

Parish council President Kevin Piotrowski says repair costs will top $500,000 and says fundraising continues.