84. Discernment and Integration

The baptized who are divorced and civilly remarried must be more integrated into the Christian communities in the diverse ways possible, avoiding every occasion of scandal. The logic of integration is the key to their pastoral accompaniment, so that they not only know that they belong to the Body of Christ which is the Church, but that they can have a joyous and rich experience. They are baptized, they are brothers and sisters, and the Holy Spirit pours out gifts and charisms on them for the good of all. Their participation can express itself in diverse ecclesial services; and for that reason, it’s necessary to discern which of the different forms of exclusion actually practiced in the liturgical, pastoral, educational and institutional arenas can be overcome. They not only must not feel themselves excommunicated, but they can live and mature as living members of the Church, feeling it to be a mother who always welcomes them, taking care of them with affection, and encouraging in the path of life and the Gospel. This integration is also necessary for the care and Christian education of their children, who must be considered most important. For the Christian community, taking care of these people is not a weakness in its own faith and its witness as to the indissolubility of marriage; indeed, the Church expresses its own charity through this care.

Section 84 was adopted by a vote of 187 to 72.