Ten days ago, I appealed for help for a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Crux’s managing editor Charles Collins, who’s going through a serious medical challenge and whose wife and kids need immediate help. People have responded with incredible generosity – so far, we’ve raised around £19,500 (the family lives in the UK), which translates to just over US $24,000.

I asked Claire, Charley’s wife, to provide an update on Charley’s condition. Her response is below.

I just wanted to thank you all for the outpouring of love and support we have felt since we shared the news of Charley’s stroke.

He remains in a high dependency ward at hospital where the medical team is working tirelessly to help keep him safe and comfortable. We had hoped he could be moved next week, but fresh complications to his case mean he’s likely to remain there for a while longer yet. We are hoping he can be transferred to a stroke ward soon, though, so we can make a proper start on the road towards getting him home.

This fund that’s being raised will be an absolute lifeline for myself and the children over the months to come, in the short term while we are without our primary breadwinner, and in the longer term as we look at how we need to adapt our living environment and any equipment for when Charley can be released back home from hospital.

We have a long and bumpy road ahead of us and we are immeasurably grateful for the kind words, prayers and donations that have been given.

Though that says it all, I’d still like to add two points.

First, let me echo Claire’s thanks. Charley means the world to all of us at Crux, and we’ll be forever grateful to everyone who’s contributed to making this terrible situation for him and his family just slightly less awful.

Second, we’re not done. Yes, $24,000 is a lot of money, but anyone who’s ever experienced a catastrophic illness knows it just scratches the surface of the need. Claire and their two boys are going to require a lot of help for a long time, so I’m appealing … really, I’m begging … do whatever you can, please, to be part of a better future for them.

I pray that someday soon, Charley will be able to thank you himself in his own inimitable, curmudgeonly yet deceptively sentimental style. In the meantime, my own paltry substitute will have to do: From the bottom of my heart, thank you!