Crux is pleased to announce a new relationship with the Catholic Herald, a UK- based media agency with a 135-year legacy of journalistic excellence, which is intended to leverage Crux’s unique Vatican coverage with the Herald’s global reach.

Beginning July 1, Crux journalists, including editor-in-chief John Allen and lead Vatican correspondent Elise Ann Allen, will be providing exclusive monthly news and analysis for the Catholic Herald. The Herald will also be drawing upon other Crux content to round out its already comprehensive coverage of Catholic affairs.

Among other things, Crux and the Catholic Herald will combine forces to provide unparalleled coverage of papal trips and other important developments in Rome and around the world related to the papacy and the Vatican.

“We are delighted to have John Allen and Elise Ann Allen of Crux joining our award-winning editorial team as Special Vatican Correspondents to report on the ground from Rome,” said William Cash, editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald.

“The Catholic Herald and Crux share similar journalistic values as truly independent and authoritative Catholic news operations. Our objective now is to expand our global readership and influence as we hold the church to account from its spiritual headquarters.”

“Putting together the rich history and strong traditional values of the Catholic Herald and the journalistic prowess and respect that both John and Elise Allen have, makes the fact that these two great news organizations are now working together a win-win from the perspective of GGY and the GEM Group, as well as the Catholic Herald Institute,” said Mark G. Ackermann, CEO of the Catholic Herald Institute.

GGY and the GEM Group are the majority owners of the Catholic Herald.

Ackermann added “we are impressed with the unique professionalism that both John and Elise Allen bring to their work. This, along with the powerful team of reporters and essayists at the Catholic Herald, is going to make our magazine one of the best independent international Catholic publication that exists”.

Allen stressed his respect for the Herald’s rich legacy, which includes having published such giants as Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh and G.K. Chesterton.

“Since 1888, the Catholic Herald has been a leading platform for news and analysis about the Church in the English language,” said John Allen, the editor of Crux as well as the author of 12 books on popes and the church, CNN’s Senior Vatican Analyst, and the Fellow of Communication and Media at the Word on Fire Institute.

“We’re honored to become part of the Herald’s tradition,” Allen said. “We hope that our reputation for unbiased journalism in a deeply polarized time will be an asset.”