Like many Catholics, you probably have a small stable of saints to whom you pray regularly. Perhaps there are several saints you particularly admire for what they preached, who they saved, or even how they died.

Now’s your chance to show your preferences by voting for your favorite saints in our first Crux Saints Madness bracket game. Our bracket mirrors those used for the March college basketball tournament, except that instead of starting out with 64 teams, we’ll begin with 32 saints. Your votes will narrow the field to 16, then 8, 4, and 2 — and then the final match-up will determine your favorite saint of 2015.

There will be five rounds, each of which will start on a Thursday or a Monday and last three or four days. The bracket opens at noon Thursday and will close at noon Monday, April 6.

Meanwhile, tell us which saints you think should be in our opening field of 32. Just leave your thoughts in the comments below.