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  • The pope’s eco-bedfellows

    • Jul 27, 2015

    You don’t always see high hosannas to Catholic popes in The New York Review of Books, a literary intellectual magazine once dubbed the ground zero of Radical Chic. But there’s the headline, in big red letters, on the cover of its August issue: “The Pope & The Planet” (subscription required).

  • The pope's ecological vow

    • Jun 29, 2015

    In the days just before its publication, those involved in drafting the pope’s controversial eco-encyclical Laudato Si’ were much exercised about how it would be received by conservative critics. But Pope Francis, Vatican insiders tell me, was unfazed. He remains so in the face of the onslaught of criticism that

    By nyt
  • Marchers back pope for views on climate

    • Jun 28, 2015

    VATICAN CITY — When Pope Francis appeared on the balcony of the Apostolic Palace, where he delivers an address each Sunday, he was met by the usual cheers and by an unusual forest of bright green oversized paper leaves. Had he been able to read what was written on the

    By nyt
  • Can a good Catholic dissent from Laudato Si'?

    • Jun 24, 2015

    Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment has got the war drums thumping in the Catholic tribes in a predictable way. Chris Jackson, writing for The Remnant newspaper, headlines an entertaining article “Why I’m disregarding Laudato Si’ and you should too.” Jackson rips into the pope’s encyclical with gusto, saying, “It

  • 'It's time to take out the trash'

    • Jun 23, 2015

    By now, you probably have read Pope Francis’ encyclical – at least in part. But have you seen the movie trailer for “The Encyclical?” In the comedic trailer, an actor playing the pontiff repeats some of Francis’ most memorable quotes about the environment – including, “If we destroy creation, creation

  • Fracking and the Franciscans

    • Jun 22, 2015

    Pope Francis is one of the world’s most inspiring figures. There are passages in his new encyclical on the environment that beautifully place human beings within the seamless garment of life. And yet overall the encyclical is surprisingly disappointing. Legitimate warnings about the perils of global warming morph into 1970s-style

    By nyt

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