• In South Korea, Francis displays a truly globalized papacy

    • Aug 17, 2014

    SEOUL – Pope Francis is the first non-European pontiff in nearly 1,300 years, and the first ever from the developing world. In that light, one way to sum up his Aug. 13-18 trip to South Korea, marking his debut in Asia, is that it showed what a truly globalized papacy

  • South Korean trip confirms Francis as the ‘Teflon Pope’

    • Aug 16, 2014

    SEOUL — South Korea is hardly the first proof of this insight about Pope Francis, and perhaps not the best. Yet midway through the pontiff’s Aug. 13 to 18 trip here, which marks his debut in Asia, it’s once again obvious just how much he’s a “Teflon Pope.” It’s not

  • Pope Francis draws vast crowd in South Korea to ceremony for martyrs

    • Aug 16, 2014

    SEOUL – Pope Francis continued his five-day trip to South Korea Saturday, proving that his reputation as a magnet for humanity extends to Asia too. His Saturday morning Mass drew a crowd estimated by the Vatican to be 800,000 to a downtown Seoul square, where the pontiff beatified 124 Korean

  • Francis makes anti-abortion gesture during Korea trip

    • Aug 16, 2014

    SEOUL — Pope Francis on Saturday delivered perhaps his most dramatic anti-abortion gesture as pope, visiting a symbolic “cemetery for abortion victims” located in a field behind a church-run charitable center. Although the early stages of Francis’s papacy were marked by questions about the intensity of his commitment to opposing

  • Pope Francis reaches out to Koreans scarred by ferry disaster

    • Aug 15, 2014

    SEOUL -– When the Sewol ferry sank off the coast of South Korea on April 16, 17-year-old Yoo-min Kim was aboard as part of a school-sponsored field trip. She hadn’t called her father because she didn’t want him to worry about the cost. Thus it was only later that Young-oh

  • Relations with China a never-ending Vatican story

    • Aug 15, 2014

    SEOUL — There are a handful of never-ending stories on the Vatican beat, dramas that flare up and recede without reaching resolution. Reconciliation between the Vatican and the traditionalist Lefebvrist movement that broke away 25 years ago falls into the category, as well as ecumenical dialogue with the Russian Orthodox.

  • Pope shares message of peace in South Korea

    • Aug 14, 2014

    SEOUL — Pope Francis arrived Thursday in South Korea with peace on his mind. He called for “reconciliation and stability” for a divided Korean peninsula, urged stability in a “war-weary world,” and devoted a moment of silent prayer to a video journalist killed Wednesday on the Gaza Strip. The pontiff,

  • Pope bringing packed agenda, chartered jet to South Korea

    • Aug 13, 2014

    ROME – Pope Francis leaves today for a six-day swing in South Korea, the first of three Asian nations he’ll visit in the next six months, with a January outing to Sri Lanka and the Philippines also on the horizon. Americans also are anticipating his all-but-confirmed outing to the United