ROME — Pope Francis said he was very saddened that some people during COVID-19 pandemic holiday lockdowns managed to slip away on vacations while so many are suffering economic problems or are ill.

During noon prayer remarks Sunday at the Vatican, Francis said that “we don’t know what 2021 has in store for us.”

But, he added, “what each of us and all of us together can do is to commit ourselves a little more to taking care of others” and of the environment, “our common home.”

He acknowledged that there is the temptation to look after one’s interests and to “live hedonistically, trying only to satisfy one’s own pleasure.”

Throughout the pandemic, the pontiff has stressed caring for those most in need and obeying anti-contagion measures.

Instead of appearing at a window overlooking St. Peter’s Square, as he usually does on Sundays, Francis delivered his remarks, carried on television and social media, from inside a Vatican palazzo, in keeping with pandemic strategy to discourage crowds.