I was helping a co-worker with an e-mail issue the other day and accidentally spotted some e-mails of his that were disturbing. I don’t work in IT, and probably shouldn’t have tried to help him, but honestly, our IT folks are so busy that he would have waited days for help.

Anyway, here’s the problem: The e-mails I saw were between my friend (who is married) and a married woman at the company. They are having an affair! I’m very angry at him for betraying his wife, who I know socially and is a lovely, kind person. I have had several sleepless nights over this. On one hand, I want to confront him on his betrayal; on the other, Pope Francis’ words echo in my head: Who am I to judge? What if his marriage is in shambles? What if his wife cheated on him? What if they are living together for the kids but agreed to see other people?

But I also can’t help thinking that if there is an injustice and betrayal going on here, shouldn’t I step up? Aren’t there far too many people who stay silent when they should speak up?

Please help!