My granddaughter is 15 years old and is currently enrolled in formation preparation for the sacrament of confirmation. She attends the classes and is miserable and uninspired and only goes to Mass now because she is forced to. Her parents tell me and she personally seems to indicate that she attends, and they send her, for reasons that are more obligatory than inspirational. She has asked me to be her sponsor.

Frankly speaking, I truly feel that confirming her will be a ticket out of the Church rather than an anointing of a committed Catholic Christian. It is ironic that this great sacrament will allow her to leave the worship experience rather than embrace it. Under the circumstances of her current spiritual state of mind, how can we expect her to stand before the community and declare her “yes” to the Church, when in her young, undeveloped heart she really will be saying “no?” How can I in good conscience sponsor that?

Concerned Grandfather