I heavily dislike my confirmation teacher. Although he is a deacon, he has many faults. He is in trouble with his college. His brother has had underage sex and is in trouble with loan sharks. His lectures are sad and depressing, and they don’t inspire me at all. I feel like he is sexist and doesn’t care about me.

All he does is lecture about people who get shot or tortured because they are Catholic or Christian, and it makes me second-guess myself. Before attending the program, I was 90 percent sure I wanted to be confirmed. Now I’m not so sure. I feel like he’s telling us that Catholicism gives you a small chance at happiness, but possibly at the expense of your life. I do not feel as I am growing in faith within this confirmation class.

The nun in charge of the program will allow me to switch classes if I e-mail her personally and tell her why. But I don’t know if this will make things worse or better. Should I send the e-mail?