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  • Must-see Easter season viewing: The Jesus movie for absolutely everyone

    “The Miracle Maker” is out of print on Blu-ray and DVD, but both are available on Amazon via third-party vendors. “The Miracle Maker” is a singular achievement: a Jesus movie that is simple enough for children, sophisticated enough for scripture scholars and theologians, and artful enough for discerning cinephiles. Neither

  • Pope Francis celebrates Holy Thursday by washing prisoners’ feet

    ROME — In what has become a vintage touch of his pastoral style, Pope Francis once again celebrated the Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper at a prison, where he washed the feet of 12 inmates, men and women, from Nigeria, Congo, Ecuador, Brazil, and Italy — as well

  • Docs to pope: Lay off the pasta

    ROME — Amid news reports suggesting his doctors have advised the 78-year-old pontiff to eat less pasta and get more exercise in order to resist fatigue, Pope Francis devoted his Holy Thursday meditation to exhaustion among priests, admitting that he, too, feels run-down once in a while. “Do you know

  • A radical proposal: ‘Love one another’

    For five years, she washed my mother’s feet. Every day. She washed her feet, her legs and arms, changed her sheets and her dressings. Fed her, read to her, prayed the rosary with her each night. When my mother could no longer walk or talk or even recognize her, the

  • This week, wrenching sorrow to genuine joy

    This is, for me, a schizophrenic week. From Palm Sunday to Easter, Holy Week offers a feast of solemn services. There’s Tenebrae, when each of 15 candles set high on an altar stand is gradually extinguished, symbolizing Christ’s death. Each candle goes dark as a psalm is read. Finally, the


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