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  • US bishops throw support to Obama's gun control proposal

    • Jan 6, 2016

    Catholic bishops gave a shot in the arm to President Barack Obama’s announcement yesterday that his administration will require all gun sellers to register as dealers and complete background checks on all buyers. “Thank God that someone finally has the courage to close the loopholes in our pitiful gun control

  • Catholic bishops double down on welcoming Syrian refugees

    Catholic bishops double down on welcoming Syrian refugees

    • Nov 23, 2015

    In the wake of increasingly hostile political rhetoric and Congressional action aimed at reducing the number of Syrian refugees resettled in the United States, Catholic bishops are doubling down on their call for the United States to open its doors to refugees, conjuring up images of past anti-Catholic bigotry to

  • Archbishop Kurtz warns of the secularization of US life

    • Nov 16, 2015

    BALTIMORE – Days after the US Supreme Court agreed to hear another challenge to the Affordable Care Act brought by several Catholic entities, the head of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops told American prelates not to give up the fight against what he sees as infringements on religious freedom.

  • Francis has set a clear direction that US bishops should follow

    • Nov 16, 2015

    Whether a pope who has recast the global image of the Catholic Church can also recalibrate the priorities of US Catholic leaders will become clearer this week as more than 300 bishops gather for a key national meeting. The urgent challenges of economic exclusion, racial disparities, and climate change demand

  • Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop Kurtz visit President Obama at the White House

    • Nov 13, 2015

    Two of the US Church’s highest-ranking bishops were at the White House Friday morning, meeting with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden as a follow-up to Pope Francis’ September visit to the United States. Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington and Louisville’s Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, president of the US

  • Cupich comes out swinging for immigration reform

    Cupich comes out swinging for immigration reform

    • Nov 12, 2015

    CHICAGO — Congress must pass comprehensive immigration reform or the United States risks losing its status as a global humanitarian leader, Archbishop Blase Cupich told a crowd of 300 immigration activists Wednesday. “The majority of Americans want our Congress to act,” Cupich said, and immigration reform “should not be held