LEICESTER, United Kingdom – British singing legend Engelbert Humperdinck is asking for prayers as his wife battles COVID-19.

Humperdinck, 84, married Patricia Healey in 1964. She has been suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease for about a decade.

The Catholic singer was born Arnold George Dorsey in British India and grew up in Leicester, England. He is probably best known for 1967’s “Release Me” and 1979’s “This Moment in Time.”

In a message posted to social media, Humperdinck announced he and his wife had been infected with the coronavirus, and that Patricia was “hit pretty hard.”

“It got to many members of my family including myself and my darling wife and of course it’s been very heartbreaking because she, having her condition, it has made it rather impossible for medical staff,” he wrote. “Consequently it’s hit her pretty hard and she’s not eating and drinking. I would ask you in all sincerity if there’s any way that you could start a prayer around the world.”

The singer said his family is praying at 8 p.m. every night for her, the rest of their family, and “for those unfortunate ones who have been afflicted with this terrible plague around the world.”

However, he also expressed his trust in God.

“I’m sure God will send the right message and the right angels and the right people over to put their hands on her. Please help with prayer. That’s the most important thing,” Humperdinck wrote.

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