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  • A huge ‘Thank You!’ to Crux readers

    A huge ‘Thank You!’ to Crux readers

    November was a record-breaking month for Crux in terms of traffic on the site, signifying that readers have chosen to bestow their trust in our work. For that, on behalf of the whole team, editor John Allen wants to say, “Thank you!”

  • Editor's note on day one of 'Crux 2.0'

    Today marks the first day of Crux’s new partnership with the Knights of Columbus, after 18 months as a site sponsored by The Boston Globe. Internally, we’ve been referring tongue-in-cheek to our new incarnation as “Crux 2.0”, and above all else I want to thank our readers for sticking with

  • A note to our readers about Crux

    Hello loyal Crux readers, I have some sad news to impart. The Boston Globe has made the difficult decision to stop supporting Crux as of the end of March, focusing its efforts instead on other initiatives within the company. But the good news is that John Allen plans to continue


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