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  • Vatican denies that Pope Francis has a brain tumor

    ROME — A report in an Italian newspaper that Pope Francis has a small, curable brain tumor drew a swift denial from the Vatican Wednesday, with a spokesman labeling the story “unfounded …. seriously irresponsible, and not worthy of attention.” Citing an unnamed nurse, the Bologna-based daily Qoutidiano Nazionale (National

  • Notebook: Really tight security in Philly

    With a couple of hours in between papal events in the City of Brotherly Love Saturday afternoon, I decided to go for a walk to see how the city was coping with the influx of more than 1 million people descending on the city, all eager for a glimpse of Pope Francis.

  • ‘Health scare’ confirms Pope Francis as church’s indispensable man

    ROME — An old saying about the Vatican holds that the pope is never sick until he’s dead. It is a subject — pontiff’s health — on which Vatican officials come by their reputation for denial the old-fashioned way, because over the years they’ve certainly earned it. On Aug. 19,